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Subject :IMO    Class : Class 7

In the given figure, PQRS is a parallelogram. U is the midpoint of PT and PT ⊥ SR. If PT = 24 cm and SR = 30 cm, then find the area of the given figure.

A276 cm2
B342 cm2
C492 cm2
D540 cm2

This question can be very tricky but it is easy to solve if you know how to find the area of the rhombus.Step 1 - to find the area of the bottom rhombus, you need to do 1/2 * 24 * 30.Step 2 - now you need to find the area of the top triangle which will be equal to half of the rhombus since all the angles are equal.Step 3 - therefore the area of the triangle will be 180 and the area of the rhombus will be 360. So the area of the final figure will be 360 180 that is 540.

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