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Subject :IEO    Class : Class 9

Choose the correct options to fill in the blanks with the correct passive verb :
On the occasion of Christmas, a roaring trade ______ by the shops. Lots of gifts and presents ______ by people. In the cold and foggy afternoon, Christmas carols ___?___ by children. There was fun and frolic in the air. But, the unfeeling heart of Mr. Scrooge ______ by the warmth of the festival. No gift ______ by him for anyone. He ______ by Fred who had come to wish him ‘Merry Christmas’. Fred ______ to see the cold response of Mr. Scrooge. Soon, two men entered the room. Money ______ by them for the needy so that Christmas ______ by these unfortunate people too. But, Mr. Scrooge suggested that the poor ______ to prisons or poor houses.

A were sung
B have been sung
C is being sung
D were being sung


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Class : Class 5

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