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Subject :IEO    Class : Class 5

Read the passage and answer the questions that follow.
Janine was going to visit her cousin Milandri in the city. It was her first visit and she was a bit nervous. She had not been to a big town before. Janine was going to meet her cousin at the train station and then they were planning to go to a museum. Janine was excited about the museum, she had never been to one of those before either. In the early morning, Janine took the train from the small village that she lived in. It was quite easy to find Milandri because she was already waiting for her and waving. They walked down the main road and then down some smaller side roads. However, Janine thought all the roads seemed very big and that there were a lot of cars and people. After about ten minutes, they reached the museum. It was a grand old building like nothing Janine had seen before.
Inside the museum, Milandri bought the tickets. The museum had many things to look at that could not be seen anywhere else in the world. It was huge, and Janine was worried that they might get lost, but there were lots of maps to help them find their way around. The strangest thing for her was seeing the whole history of their country laid out in cases in the large hall at the centre of the museum. Neither Janine nor Milandri knew that their country had once ruled large parts of the world and had ports and soldiers in almost every part of it. The girls wondered why they had never learned about this at school and Janine decided she would ask her teacher as soon as she got back.
Two days later when Janine was sitting at her desk in class, she asked the teacher about the history of the country. Her teacher told her not to worry and that they would learn about their own country later in the year. Janine didn't like this answer and asked why it should be such a long time away. The teacher laughed softly and told Janine that there were so many exciting things to learn at school and it could not all be taught simultaneously. Janine was not 100% convinced but she was happy to know she would get to learn more about her country later in the year.
Choose the best title or heading for the passage.

AHistory Uncovered
BFriends in Town
CBig Museums
DTravelling to the Country


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