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Subject :NSO    Class : Class 8

Read the given paragraph, where few words have been italicised.
The pineal gland secretes a hormone progesterone which helps to regulate sleep pattern. Thyroid glands release hormone which regulate the level of calcium in the blood with the help of calcitonin which is produced in the parathyroid glands.
Select the correct option regarding the given paragraph.
(i) Positions of pineal and parathyroid should be interchanged.
(ii) Progesterone should be replaced by melatonin.
(iii) Parathyroid should not be replaced as it is correctly mentioned.
(iv) Positions of progesterone and calcitonin should be interchanged.
(v) Positions of thyroid and parathyroid should be interchanged.

A (ii) and (v) only
B (i), (ii) and (v) only
C (i) and (iii) only
D (ii) and (iv) only


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