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Subject :IMO    Class : Class 6

If then the value of 2P + 4Q + 5R + 7S + 3T is


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Class : Class 6

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Class : Class 8
It is just a wild guess

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Class : Class 6

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Class : Class 7

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Class : Class 6

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Class : Class 6
Actually, this question has a partly wrong answer, although the best answer would be (D). Here's why. The amount of statements in an equation must be greater than or equal to the amount of unknowns, or else there will be infinitely many solutions. Since there are 5 variables in the given singular statement, there will be no way to find a proper solution for every unknown. However, it could be reasoned by the numbers associating these unknowns that 3/P is actually 35.4067/10, 5Q = 35.4067/100, and so on for every quantity. After solving for a so-called solution, we can find the 'correct' answer which is (D).

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Class : Class 6
ok but thank you for the explanation (not being sarcastic). but it is just way to high level for class 6

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