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Subject :IEO    Class : Class 6

Read the following stories and poetry and answer the questions choosing the most appropriate option :
Tools and Weapons in Neolithic age
One of the remarkable achievements of the Neolithic Period was the invention of wheel. It brought a rapid progress in man’s life. The wheel was used in horse-carts and bullock-carts that helped man a lot to carry heavy loads. Therefore, in this period transport became quite easy and quick. The wheel was also used for spinning and weaving. It also helped in pottery. Man made beautiful pots to keep foodgrains and storing water.
The tools and weapons of the Neolithic Age are better and sharper than the Palaeolithic Age. Now a polished stone called celt was used to make tools. Some new developed tools like sickles, bows and arrows and improved axes are made in the Neolithic Age. These tools were used for various purposes like, the axe was used for cutting down trees, sickles to harvest the crops and arrows to kill animals.
How was the invention of wheel useful in storing foodgrains and water?

A Man used wheels in carts to carry foodgrains and water.
B Man made sacks by using wheels in spinning thread and stored foodgrains in them.
C Man made pots with wheel and stored food grains and water.
D None of the above.

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