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Subject :IEO    Class : Class 5

Fill the correct simple past or past perfect form of the verb given in the brackets from the options given below :
Ramya ____ (start) asking for books even before I ____ (know) her for a week. When Sandhya ____ (see) all the pictures, she ____ (be) ready to leave. Tenses (Present-Perfect; Past-Simple, Continuous and Perfect) 9 Qadir ____ (come) to have lunch with me but I ____ (have) some errands to do. We ___?___ (not invite) Rubina to the party because she ____ (misbehave) with our guests last time. As soon as Sarla ____ (get) her money, she ____ (rush) out of the place. I ____ (thank) Rajni for what she ____ (do) for me.
Hardly ____ (I enter) the house when I ____ (hear) the mirror break.

A did not invited
B did not invite
C was not invited
D had not invited

How ? I cannot understand how the answer is B?

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