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Subject :NSO    Class : Class 6

Two boys are standing in front of a plane mirror as shown in the figure. If boy II walks 7 m towards boy I, then how far would the image of boy II appear to boy I?

A7 m
B9 m
C11 m
D14 m

can you please explain it properly. In the question, u have shown that boy 2 walks 7 meters towards boy 1. So then he would have been 5 meters away from boy 1. 12-7=5 2=7. In the solution, u have shown. 12-5=7 2=9. If the answer is 9 as u have shown, how will the boy 2 if went 7 meters to the boy 1 be away from the mirror by 9 Meters

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Class : Class 6

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Class : Class 6

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