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Subject :NSO    Class : Class 9

Refer to the given dichotomous key and answer the following questions.
I. (A) The cells of tissue have walls. -Go to II
(B) The cells of tissue have no walls.
-Go to III
II. (A) The cells are living. - Go to IV
(B) The cells are dead. - Go to V
III. (A) The tissue lines the oviducts. - R
(B) The tissue transports nutrients. - S
IV. (A) Cells store air. - P
(B) The tissue conducts nutrients. - Q
V. (A) The tissue conducts water. - T
(B) It is only a mechanical tissue. - U
Select the incorrect option regarding tissues P, Q, R, S, T and U.

A P is found in aquatic floating plants whereas T is greatly reduced or absent in aquatic plants.
B R and S are animal tissues while P and Q are plant tissues.
C S can be xylem, Q can be blood and U can be parenchyma.
D R is ciliated epithelial tissue whereas U possesses uniform wall thickenings of lignin.

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