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Subject :IEO    Class : Class 3

Read the following passages and choose the correct option to answer the questions that follow :

It is said that in modern age, newspapers have great power. It is not only for daily news that we should read newspapers, but also to increase our general knowledge. A person who does not read newspapers to know what is going on around him, or, in other parts of the world, is like a frog confined to a well. There are good newspapers as well as bad ones. We should avoid reading such newspapers, which indulge in giving sensational and untrue reports. We should not support newspapers which try to incite communal friction. Therefore, instead of picking up cheap newspapers, we should read the newspapers available in our school library.
What is the meaning of the word 'friction' in this context?

A Sensitivity
B Peace
C Disagreement
D None of these

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Class : Class 3

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