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Subject :IEO    Class : Class 6


Today, change is inevitable in all spheres of life and we are required to face challenge of the changes to achieve our goals and objectives. The change in our attitudes and mindset towards the youth who constitute more than fifty percent of our population is a must.

Unfortunately, the highly potential and vibrant resource has not been effectively and productively utilised, resulting in generation gaps which are unbridgeable. It is our onerous duty to bring them in mainstream in the task of national development and reconstruction to take the nation resplendence and glory in the new millennium. The building of the nation is possible only through the process of all round development and harnessing of the energies of our youth.

H.G. Wells had truly said, ‘‘Men are born but citizens are made. A child takes to itself what is brought to it.’’ The invasion of western culture and the existing system of education could be blamed for failure of the youngsters to turn into talented individuals. It is inborn virtue conditioned with sustained cultural feed-back with moral and ethical values. Our new generation should feel inspired by great luminaries, who this country is proud to have produced.

In the present scenario of criminalisation of politics, increasing violence and widespread erosion of cultural and social values, dividing the country in the name of religion and caste, raising narrow walls of disintegration and drifting us apart, the youth should be saved from choosing a wrong path. We know that today’s youngsters are nation’s future.

H.G. Wells’ view that men are born but citizens are made has a warning that ______.

Apeople should have some constructive and inspiring environment around
Bthe young generation should be protected from the invasion of destructive ideology
Cthe young generation should be provided with eduction system which focusses on regeneration of a system in which people grow with love for their country and should give new dimension to the national growth
Dthe education should guide them to fight divisive forces

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