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Subject :NSO    Class : Class 6

Read the given passage and answer the question that follow.
The polar regions are covered with snow. There may also be snowfall in mountain regions during the winter. The trees growing on mountains are cone-shaped, with sloping branches. Many of them, such as pine, have sharp needle-like leaves. Animals living on mountains have thick skin or fur to protect themselves from cold, e.g., yaks and snow leopards.
What other adaptation(s) of animals is/are observed in the colder areas?

ABirds and mammals of colder areas are larger in size as compared to their equivalents in warmer areas.
BAnimals of colder areas have shorter extremities (e.g., tail, ears, feet) as compared to animals in warmer areas.
CBirds of colder areas have broader wings.
DBoth a and b.


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Class : Class 6

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