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Subject :IEO    Class : Class 5

Hot air balloons fly because they are lighter than air. The balloon itself is actually called an envelope as it is not sealed on the underside. The hole, or opening, underneath enables hot air to be pushed into it which is lighter than the air around it and so the balloon rises in the sky. When you attach a basket underneath that can carry passengers, it can become an ideal activity for tourists as they can soar high above the landscape below and experience a unique view.
This form of travel is associated with adventure and romance. ‘It is brought to life in fiction, like in film adaptations of the ingenious travel book ‘Around the World in 80 Days' that plots Phineas Fogg's famous journey to circumnavigate the globe, and ‘Up' a film in which an elderly man uses more than just one balloon.' Here, the story focusses around a house that can fly as it has a lot of balloons attached to it. These are not filled with hot air but with helium which is a gas that is lighter than air, so it rises and so does the house. ‘This may sound like an imbecilic and impossible idea in reality, but it is not.'
In the 1980's an American truck driver invented what is now called cluster ballooning, when he attached weather balloons to his garden chair and allegedly flew 15,000 ft. up into the air. More recently, a British man has succeeded in reaching a height of 8,000 ft., whilst strapped to a camping chair attached to 100 helium filled balloons. To descend, he had to cut balloons off one by one and this enabled him to land safely just north of Johannesburg, South Africa. He did not fly all the way from home, the climatic conditions in South Africa were better for his crazy adventure, so he and his team decided to give it a go there instead. The balloons he used were not quite like those in the movie, they were bigger and stronger, but still multicoloured. In 2015, a Canadian man made a similarly inspiring flight, but he ended up with a large fine for dangerous operation of an aircraft.
As a man can be lifted by helium balloons, this may mean that it is possible to lift a house, high up into the atmosphere, in a similar way. However, this might depend on what the house was like. In the film mentioned previously, the house is made of wood and does not have any foundations, so it is light and not attached strongly to the ground. This makes it the ideal type of house to be transported with balloons. If you wanted to move a brick house instead, this might prove tricky. For one, it is likely to fall apart if you remove it from its concrete foundations, and even if it is still in one piece, will probably be just too heavy to lift with balloons, no matter how many. In the future, it is likely that someone will try this feat, the question is, how high can a house fly?
Choose the most suitable title or heading for the passage.

A Balloons in the Sky
B Full of Hot Air
C Best Views of South Africa
D Houses that are Different

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Balloons in the sky is the answer

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