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Subject :NSO    Class : Class 6

Class teacher gave four different samples of fibres to four students. Ria has fibre H, which is obtained from plant that grows best in alluvial soil in warm and humid climates. Fibre I given to Sumit gives smell of burning hair on being burnt and has ability to trap air and heat, while fibre J given to Kanika, is a fibre obtained from an insect. Fibre K given to Rahul burns with smell of burning plastic. Identify the fibres H, I, J and K and select the correct option regarding them.

AFibre H is the cheapest vegetable fibre and is also known as golden fibre.
BFibre I is obtained from passion vine and can be worn both in summers and winters.
CFibre J does not absorb water at all hence is used in making raincoats.
DFabric made of fibre K can absorb sweat, thus is comfortable to wear in hot and humid weather.


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