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Subject :NSO    Class : Class 8

Fill in the blanks with the most appropriate option.
W’ is very reactive metal, reacts vigorously with oxygen and water therefore, stored in (1).
X’ is non-metal, soft and dull and forms (2)oxides with oxygen.
Y’ is very reactive (3), catches fire if exposed to air, therefore, stored in water.
Z’ does not react with dilute hydrochloric acid even on heating but it reacts with sulphuric acid. When it is exposed to moist air for long, it acquires a dull (4)coating.

A 1-Water, 2-basic, 3-metal, 4-reddish brown
B 1-Kerosene, 2-acidic, 3-metal, 4-reddish brown
C 1-Kerosene, 2-acidic, 3-non-metal, 4-green
D 1-Water, 2-basic, 3-non-metal, 4-green

my answer is b can you explain me how it is c

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