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Subject :IEO    Class : Class 4

The Holiness of Saint Joan of Arc
Joan of Arc was a young girl of seventeen. She believed that if France could put together a strong army, it could free itself from foreign rule. France was at that time ruled by Prince Henry of England. Joan was a simple, uneducated daughter of a farmer. Girls those days did not have the freedom they have now. It was amazing that a simple girl like Joan should have such ambitious ideas. Her conviction that her country could be free was so strong that she met Prince Charles of France and convinced him that he was the rightful ruler of the country. After a great deal of persuasion, Joan of Arc convinced Prince Charles to allow her to command a force to relieve Orleans. Prince Charles gave his permission and Joan of Arc led an army of French soldiers to the city of Orleans which had been conquered by the English. So great was the courage of her conviction that this young girl whipped up tremendous enthusiasm and patriotism among her soldiers. They fought fearlessly against the English. The English soldiers were taken aback by the fervour of the attacking French soldiers and retreated from Orleans. After this grand victory, she persuaded Charles to be crowned as "King of France". She led the armies of France in many other campaigns after this and restored her country’s national pride. Joan of Arc thus achieved what had seemed an impossible task through her courage and determination. She continued to lead the French army from victory to victory but was captured in an encounter in 1420 and handed over to the English. The English put her through a trial which was a mockery of justice and burned her at the stake as a witch. The French people adore Joan as their greatest national heroine. She was made a saint in 1920.
Now, choose the most appropriate options : Joan of Arc was a seventeen years old ____________ girl who had a strong ____________ that her country could be free from foreign rule. She _____?______ French Prince Charles and convinced him to allow her to command a force to relieve Orleans. French soldiers fought fearlessly and made their way to victory. Charles was crowned as "____________ of France". She was captured and ____________ alive by the English in 1420. French people adore her.

A persuaded
B opposed
C allowed
D asked


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Class : Class 5
The correct answer is option A.

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