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Subject :NSO    Class : Class 9

Different substances are classified as :
I. Pure substance
II. Homogeneous mixture
III. Heterogeneous mixture
A few common substances are listed below.
(i) Air, (ii) Graphite, (iii) Gasoline, (iv) Diamond, (v) Tap water, (vi) Iron, (vii) Sodium chloride, (viii) Iodised salt, (ix) Brass, (x) Oil and water

Which of the following represents the correct classification of the given substances?
A I - (ii), (vi), (ix); II - (i), (v), (vii); III - (iii), (iv), (viii), (x)
B I - (ii), (iv), (vi), (vii); II - (i), (iii), (v), (viii), (ix); III - (x)
C I - (i), (iv), (vii), (ix); II - (ii), (v), (viii); III - (iii), (vi), (x)
D None of these represents the correct match.

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Class : Class 9

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