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Subject :IMO    Class : Class 2

Study the timings of daily activities of Payal as shown in the table and fill in the blanks.

• Activities that last for 1 hour in total are ___P___ and ___Q___.
• The activity that lasted for 15 minutes only is ___R___.

AP-Reading Book Q-Playing Football R-Reading Book
BP-Playing Football Q-Reading Book R-Dance Practice
CP-Playing Football Q-Reading Book R-Painting
DP-Doing Homework Q-Playing Football R-Reading Book

Ans 1: (Master Answer)

Class : Class 1


  • Time duration for playing football = 30 minutes

           Time duration for reading book = 30 minutes
           So, activities that last for 1 hour in total are
           playing football and reading book.

  • The activity that lasted for 15 minutes only is painting.

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