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Subject :NSO    Class : Class 6

Refer to the given figure and select the correct option regarding its parts labelled P, Q, R, S and T.

AP is the main reproductive organ in plants but in some plants like broccoli and cabbage it gets modified to store food.
BAfter reproduction, P changes to Q which is always edible in all plants.
CT stores food and becomes swollen in plants like turnip, potato and Dahlia.
DFenugreek and lettuce have edible R which are reduced to spines in Opuntia whereas ginger has edible S, which stores water and becomes photosynthetic in some cacti.

Isn't a option correct both d and a are correct right? Please explain

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In the given figure P is flower, Q is fruit, R is leaf, S is stem and T is root. In cabbage, leaves are modified to store food. Fruit is not always edible in all plants. In some plants, other parts such as roots, stems, etc., are edible. In potato, the stem stores food and becomes swollen.

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Class : Class 6

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