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Subject :NSO    Class : Class 4
THE QUESTION "The given figure shows three layers of Earth.Select the correct option related to it. A :W and X are liquid layers B :surface of Y is crust C :layer Z makes up most of the total Earth's volume D :all of these" has a different answer in NSO Olympiad Workbook and on this website. On one hand,in the workbook, the answer is B and the explanation is: (B) W is inner core, X is outer core, Y is mantle and Z is crust. Surface of Y(mantle) is called crust(Z).W is a solid layer whereas X is a liquid layer.Layer Y makes up most of Earth's surface. But on website,the answer is C How is it possible that the answers are different? It has happened with me 2-3 times. I think we all should raise a voice against this wrong thing of giving different answers. It is completely wrong to do so. So SOF you should change the answer as in the NSO workbook you yourself have given correct answer as B but on the website you yourself have changed the correct answer from B to C.And that too without looking at the explanation they themselves have given. SOF please read your explanation and change the answer from C to B.

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Class : Class 4

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