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Subject :IEO    Class : Class 7

Read the passage and answer the questions that follow.
It was a glorious sunny day in southern France and three friends, Jimmy, Benoit and Pierre, were walking to school. Jimmy hadn't done his homework and was trying to persuade the other boys that it would be a good idea not to go to school. Although the other boys had dutifully done theirs, Benoit did not think his was very good, and Pierre loved being out in the sunshine and really did not want to spend all morning in a boring maths lesson.
When the three boys reached the small footbridge that crossed their local river, Jimmy waved a stick in the air and suggested that they stop there and play a game. They could decide to go to school a bit later and, although they would probably be disciplined, they would at least miss some of the lessons. Jimmy also hoped that he might get away with not handing his homework in, although he did not share this with his friends. Benoit and Pierre agreed to this plan and started to look on the path for suitable sticks.
After a few moments the boys examined each other's sticks. Jimmy had selected his first, when he proposed the idea, and his was about 10 cm long and quite straight. Benoit's was shorter, had a kink in it and a leaf growing from one end. Pierre's was the longest and also had several branches. When they were satisfied that all sticks were suitably distinguishable they dangled them over the side of the bridge and counted to three. On the count of three, they dropped the sticks so that, when they hit the torrent of water below, they would flow under the bridge. The boys then ran to the other side and waited, peering down to see which one would emerge first. On this first round of the game, Benoit's stick came through before the others which meant he won. Strangely, Jimmy's completely disappeared, and they presumed it must have got stuck or sunk. They liked this game a lot, no skill was needed but they could still be competitive and experimental with the sticks they chose. They played it for a few hours and completely missed maths class.

The boys did not go to school because ______.

Anone of them had done their homework
Btwo of them had not done their homework
Cthey did not like school
Dthey preferred playing by the river

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