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Subject :NSO    Class : Class 6

Refer to the given dichotomous key and select the correct option.
I. (A) It is categorised as energy giving food. – Go to II
(B) It is categorised as protective food. – Go to III
II. (A) It is soluble in water. –
(B) It is insoluble in water. –
III. (A) It is needed for clotting of blood. –
(B) It helps in formation of haemoglobin. –

A Q could be glucose which is instant source of energy.
B Deficiency of S causes anaemia characterised by pale body colour, body fatigue etc.
C R causes osteoporosis in adults while S causes goitre in adults.
D P occurs in the cell wall of plant cells and in fibres.

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Class : Class 7
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Class : Class 6
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