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Subject :NCO    Class : Class 3

A scroll wheel is found on which of the following input devices?

Ans 1:

Class : Class 4
This Question is wrong it should be banned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ans 2:

Class : Class 4
We can see properly that a mouse has a scrool wheel.It is wrong.

Ans 3:

Class : Class 5
It should be mouse not Joystick(D)

Ans 4:

Class : Class 4
Now the answer is correct mouse

Ans 5:

Class : Class 3
This answer should be (B) MOUSE

Ans 6:

Class : Class 6
this question is wrong it should be (bbbbbbbbbb) !!!!!!!!!!! i am so angry

Ans 7:

Class : Class 3
Is it not Mouse ? The site reports the correct answer as "D".

Ans 8:

Class : Class 5
for me also, its mouse and not D - Joystick

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