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Subject :NSO    Class : Class 6

Select the option that correctly fills up the blanks in any two of the given statements.
P. In plants with tap root, the leaves have mostly __(i)__ venation and in plants with fibrous roots, the leaves have mostly __(ii)__ venation.
Q. Some plants have small openings called __(i)__ on the lower surface of the leaves, which help in __(ii)__.
R. Leaves are modified into __(i)__ that help the plant to attach itself to a support, while __(ii)__ are modified leaves, that reduce the amount of water lost from the plant.

AP (i) parallel, (ii) reticulate; Q (i) stomata, (ii) gaseous exchange
BQ (i) stomata, (ii) water absorption; R (i) tendrils, (ii) spines
CP (i) reticulate, (ii) parallel; Q (i) stomata, (ii) gaseous exchange
DP (i) parallel, (ii) reticulate; R (i) tendrils, (ii) spines

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Class : Class 8

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