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Subject :IEO    Class : Class 6


Much before medical science discovered it Readers Digest came out with the prescription-Laughter is the Best Medicine. News papers and magazines which regularly run humour columns are, therefore, doing their bit to keep the readers in good health. Reading light articles, whether they be satirical, comic or just humorous, relieves the tedium of work-a-day world. Some pieces may even tickle one’s grey matter.

It is said that if you laugh for ten minutes you will be in a better position to put up with pain for two hours. According to US researchers, laughter is a good antidote to stress that tones up the system. Facial laugh muscles instruct the brain to ‘feel good’ regardless of how you feel.

According to a French doctor, laughter deepens breathing, improves blood circulation, speeds up the process of tissue healing and stabilises many body functions. In short, it acts as a power drug with no side effects. Researchers state that laughter stimulates production of a beta-endorphins, natural pain killers in the body and improves digestion. Those who laugh are less prone to digestive disorders and ulcers.

Some people in France have made it a career. You can hire a ‘jovialist’ who cracks jokes and laughs and promises to make you dissolve your worries in helpless laughter. A word of caution. Although laughing is a good exercise for toning up the facial muscles, laughing at others’ expense, particularly at their disabilities, is in bad taste and is to be avoided. Secondly, laughing with food in the mouth is dangerous as the food stuff can get into the wind pipe and may choke the digestive system.

Eating, any way, is a serious business to be trifled with by any jocular diversion. Laughter comes best when it is free of encumbrances, whether it is constricting food or the need to humour the boss.

What function does laughter perform?

AIt relieves the tension and fatigue of the day’s work.
BIt fills the pages to keep people in best mood and humour.
CIt keeps people in bad health.
DOne feels good regardless of what one is experiencing.

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Class : Class 6

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