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Subject :NSO    Class : Class 7

Refer to the given dichotomous key and select the correct statement.
(i) (A) Single parent is involved - Go to (ii)
(B) Two parents are involved - Go to (v)
(ii) (A) New plants are produced by natural method - Go to (iii)
(B) New plants are produced by artificial method - Go to (iv)
(iii) (A) Plant produced through stem - P
(B) Plant produced through root - Q
(iv) (A) Plant produced from unorganised cell mass - R
(B) Plant produced by bending young branch towards the ground and covered with moist soil - S
(v) (A) Plant produced when pollen grains are transferred to the stigma of same flower of the same plant - T
(B) Plant produced on transferring pollen grains to the stigma of different flower - U

A P could be sweet potato while S could be Asparagus.
B R could be Asparagus which grows in suitable nutrient medium.
C T could be papaya while U could be Hibiscus.
D Q could be potato which possesses scars or depressions called eyes.

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