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Subject :NSO    Class : Class 7

Read the given statements (i-iv) with one or two blanks and select the option that correctly fills any two of the statements.
(i) In grafting, a cutting having buds from one plant called the ______ is kept over the stem with roots of another plant called the ______.
(ii) Unorganised mass of the cells in the tissue culture is called_____.
(iii) The shoot forming part of embryo is called _____ while the root forming part of embryo is called____.
(iv) The process of fusion of male gamete with female gamete to form a zygote is called____.

A (i) Scion, Stock; (iv) Pollination
B (ii) Callus; (iii) Plumule, Radicle
C (ii) Explant; (iii) Radicle, Plumule
D (i) Stock, Scion; (ii) Reproduction

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