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Subject :IMO    Class : Class 6

Which of the following is the INCORRECT step for constructing a perpendicular to a line through a point not on it?
Step 1 : Given a line l and a point M not on it.
Step 2 : With M as centre, draw an arc which intersects line l at two points P and Q.
Step 3 : Using the same radius and with P and Q as centres, construct two arcs that intersects at a point say N on the other side.
Step 4 : Join MN. Thus MN is perpendicular to l.

A Only Step 1
B Both Step 3 and Step 4
C Only Step 3
D All steps are correct.

Ans 1:

Class : Class 6

Ans 2:

Class : Class 9

Ans 3:

Class : Class 7
How's it D???

Ans 4:

Class : Class 7
how come?

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