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Subject :IEO    Class : Class 5

Europe's first underwater restaurant is set to open in southern Norway. At the moment, it is still in the final stages of design but the images released by the Swedish architectural firm are intriguing. The restaurant is going to be called ‘Under' and it will be found five metres below the sea surface. Its structure is half submerged, so you enter on dry land and then descend to the underwater depths. However, it will look like it's accidentally underwater due to its angle, almost like a huge block that has washed up on the rocks. Or, if it were not so rectangular, it might resemble a beached whale. It will be spacious and able to host 100 diners spread over three floors. There will be large panoramic windows made of acrylic that look out into the deep blue. The walls and windows are going to be very thick to prevent leakage or damage from rough seas in bad weather. The rooms will be painted with deep blues and greens to resemble the colour of the sea outside.
It is hoped that, by using concrete on the building's exterior, sea creatures will be attracted to make the surface their home. In addition, when the restaurant is not serving guests, it will be a centre for scientific oceanographic research. The plan is to use it as a base from which scientists can take measurements of sea conditions and monitor sea creatures and their habitats.
However, when it comes to dining under the sea, Europe is behind the rest of the world. ‘Ithaa' is found in the Maldives and offers a very different underwater experience to that which is expected in Norway. Here, the waters are warm and clear, and the restaurant is surrounded by coral reef and tropical fish. Customers enjoy fresh seafood of the highest quality while sitting in an ingeniously designed transparent tube. In actual fact, this is not the only restaurant like this in the Maldives, there are many more, similarly spectacular, underwater restaurants to visit there.
There are also other places where it is possible to eat in underwater environments. Most of these are however artificial aquariums or ponds that surround the dining room. For example, in Dubai, there is a restaurant with a huge fish tank at its centre that makes customers feel as though they are under the sea. It is filled with 990,000 cubic litres of seawater and lots and lots of beautiful fish.
The design of these underwater marvels and feats of modern engineering is varied. The Norwegian addition is set to be modern and minimalist. The restaurant in Dubai could not contrast more as it is ostentatious and ornate. Those in the Maldives, are simplistic and as such are of a style more similar to Under. However, due to the nature of the sea in which they are placed, they differ greatly in atmosphere to that expected in Norway. With temperatures that are cold and sometimes subzero, and weather that is far from mild, Under could make for a very dramatic eating experience. As work has not started on it yet, an opening date has not been confirmed but it is likely to have a long waiting list for a table. Let's just hope that the food is as innovative as the building design.
The author thinks these restaurants are ____.

A a spectacular idea
B a waste of money
C too common now
D bad for the sea life

Where do they mention it is too common now?

Ans 1:

Class : Class 5
Its written as a spectacular idea in paragraph 1

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