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Subject :IEO    Class : Class 4

In 2014 the islanders of the Isle of Head chose altogether to stop government interference on their small island. They decided to purchase the whole island as a consortium now known as 'The Isle of Head Organisation', or TIHO for short. They now, like many other islands off the west coast, can set their own standard of living using a village tribunal system. In fact, this was what they were after originally. This way of living is not unfamiliar, but what they have decided to do on their island is somewhat quirky.
Head currently has limited access to the mainland and as the population shrank as too did the number of visitors; consequently, there is no need for frequent ferries. Although, it's not unknown for there to be multiple sailings at the weekend which people like greatly for the ease of access. That combined with a journey time of just over 25 minutes on calm seas and sometimes over 1-hour per sailing on other days has meant that the service operates on a 'need to' basis and sails only once there are enough passengers waiting to make the crossing worthwhile.
The village has several highly skilled citizens which has proved useful as they have decided that they will, in the most part, be self-sufficient. Central to this philosophy is the principle that they will educate their own primary and secondary school pupils and that the three 20-year olds will study together communicating through the web with colleges and universities elsewhere. It has been raised as a potential issue and there is an inquiry ongoing to check that the education the islanders get is of a suitable standard.
Choose the best title or heading for the passage.

A School's Out
B The Way Ahead
C Mainland Headache
D TIHOtastic

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Class : Class 1
There are some errors in answers and sentences

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Class : Class 4
It's not that everyone thinks the exact same.They really shouldn't think that everyone will think the exact same.We all have a different perspective, we should not be judged that we will think the same.We all have different thoughts.We all think that there shall be a different heading for the passage.So..................I think that we should just think that whatever we did was correct.

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Class : Class 4
I did not understand the passage

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Class : Class 4

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