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Subject :NSO    Class : Class 5

Which of the following damages are associated with acid rain?
(i) Erosion of stone statues and buildings
(ii) Melting of ice caps
(iii) Increase in the number of mosquitoes
(iv) Threat to the life of aquatic beings
(v) Loss of soil fertility.

A(i), (ii) and (iii) only
B(i), (iv) and (v) only
C(i) and (iii) only
D(ii), (iii) and (v) only

In the solution, it says that the melting of ice caps is an incorrect option, but why? Acid rain is nothing but industrial chemicals that react with water vapour in the air and precipitate in form of hail, snow or rain and is acidic to nature. So in the poles, this acid can fall as snow, so they can melt the ice sheets, right? Please explain this question.

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