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Subject :NSO    Class : Class 4

Select the odd one out.

A Stomach
B Mouth
C Small intestine
D Oesophagus

Ans 1:

Class : Class 8
because oesophagus does not digest the food but the other three options do

Ans 2:

Class : Class 6

Ans 3:

Class : Class 8
D ( oesophagus )

Ans 4:

Class : Class 7
D is the correct answer because food only passes through Oesophagus but food does not pass from the other three options.

Ans 5:

Class : Class 5
Oesophagus is the correct answer because the other three are digestive organs and in oesophagus no digestion occurs

Ans 6:

Class : Class 6

Ans 7:

Class : Class 8
oesophagus is right answer did you understand

Ans 8:

Class : Class 4
pls explain the answer

Ans 9:

Class : Class 5
Kindly explain,Why Oesophagus is the correct answer

Ans 10:

Class : Class 2
Oesophagus i correct

Ans 11:

Class : Class 5

Ans 12:

Class : Class 7

Ans 13:

Class : Class 4
The correct answer is D as in the other three organs digestion occurs and in oesophagus no digestion occurs.

Ans 14:

Class : Class 5
No digestion occurs in oesophagus but digestion occurs in the other three options

Ans 15:

Class : Class 6
kindly explain why oesophagus

Ans 16:

Class : Class 4
Kindly support your answer Oesophagus

Ans 17:

Class : Class 5
OESOPHAGUS is the correct answer because no digestion occurs in it and occurs in rest l

Ans 18:

Class : Class 4
UNDERSTOOD!!!because oesophagus does not perform digestion

Ans 19:

Class : Class 8
please explain why oesophagus

Ans 20:

Class : Class 7
4D Yes... It is correct that it is oesophagus because all three are digestive organsI got it...

Ans 21:

Class : Class 6
(D) Oesophagus is the correct answer because in the mouth, the stomach and the small intestine digestion happens and in the oesophagus no digestion happens

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