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Subject :IMO    Class : Class 4

A jug contains 5/6 L of water. Kashish poured 1/12 L of water into it and 1/4 L of the water overflowed. What is the capacity of the jug?

A 2/3 L
B1/3 L
C1/2 L
D1/6 L

there is no way that 1/4L i.e. 3/12 L of water can overflow by pouring 1/12 liter of water. Also, 5/6 liter is contained in Jug to start with and hence capacity can not be less than that.

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Class : Class 5
How was the jug holding 5/6 L of water if its capacity is only 2/3L?

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Class : Class 6

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Class : Class 9

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Class : Class 5

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Class : Class 4

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