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Subject :IMO    Class : Class 6

Select the INCORRECT statement.

A Tina had 1556 cm long cloth. She cut 13 m 50 cm from it. The length of cloth left with her is 2.06 m.
B Neetu bought 500 g potatoes, 250 g capsicums, 700 g onions, 500 g tomatoes, 100 g gingers and 300 g radish. The total weight of the vegetables she bought is 2.350 kg.
C Rita got ₹ 500 and spent ₹ 117.35 on stationery items and ₹ 50.75 on eatables. The amount left with Rita is ₹ 331.09.
D Yashika has to cover a distance of 20 km 50 m. She walked 1 km and went by bus for 15 km and hired an auto for rest of the distance. The distance she covered by auto is 4.05 km.

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Class : Class 6

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