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Subject :NSO    Class : Class 6

Three identical bulbs, A, B and C are given. What changes occur in the brightness of bulbs A and B, when the switch S is closed?

A Brightness of A increases but that of B decreases.
B Brightness of A remains the same but that of B decreases.
C Brightness of both A and B decreases.
D Brightness of both A and B increases

why not c

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Class : Class 4

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Class : Class 6
The correct answer should be B because bulb B and C are in parallel connection,and current flows equally in parallel connection.So the brightness of bulb A will remain same but the brightness of bulb B will decrease,as the current which was flowing only to bulb B will now flow to both bulb B and bulb C.i have reported error for this question

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Class : Class 8
the corect answer should be b

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Class : Class 6
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Class : Class 6

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Class : Class 6

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