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Subject :IEO    Class : Class 6

-----The Statue of Liberty-----
The Statue of Liberty that greets people at New York harbour was a gift of friendship from France to the United States of America and the official name for it is 'Liberty Enlightening the World'. The statue stands 305 feet from the ground to the top of the torch and Lady Liberty, as the statue is often called, is made of copper.
The idea to build it began in 1865 when Fredric Bartholdi, a French sculptor was asked to design a statue to celebrate the birth centenary of the United States in 1876. Bartholdi used a live model to create a small version of the statue which was then used as the design for the real statue. The pedestal for the statue was made by American workers.
The statue cost both France and the United States a lot of money and there were many problems with funding and construction. A public lottery was held in France and in America, Joseph Pulitzer, the owner of a newspaper, urged people to donate generously though people who lived outside of New York thought that only New York should pay for it. Soon, however, money began pouring in.
Bartholdi too had troubles of his own in creating the statue and he hired an engineer named Gustave Eiffel to help him with the statue's steel skeleton. Later, Eiffel would go on to build the famous Eiffel Tower in Paris.
All these setbacks caused delay and the statue was not completed until 1884.
It was delivered in 1885 in 350 pieces and took American workers four months to put it together. The statue was dedicated in 1886 by President Grover Cleveland.
Since then, the statue has had many repairs and improvements. In 1986, a layer of gold was added to the torch and visitors today can view Lady Liberty from the pedestal and they can even go into her crown or torch. The Statue of Liberty stands as a symbol of liberty and is a very special gift from Paris.
The word 'pouring in' in the passage means _________ .

A coming in slowly
B coming little-by-little
C coming in generous amounts
D coming steadily

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Class : Class 6
I wrote c but it is showing as b

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Class : Class 9

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