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Subject :NSO    Class : Class 9

Read the following information carefully.
I. Rahul, Mohit, Rohit, Amit and Karan all collect stamps.
II. Rahul has twice as many as Mohit.
III. Amit and Karan have the same number of stamps.
IV. Rohit has fewer than Amit.
V. Mohit has half as many as Rohit.
On the basis of above informations which one of the following options must be true?

A Rohit and Karan have same number of stamps.
B Mohit has more stamps than Amit.
C Rahul has fewer stamps than Amit.
D Rahul has as many stamps as Mohit.

D is the correct answer please ckeck

Ans 1:

Class : Class 9
D is the correct answer because if we take the number of stamps with Rohit as X then mohit have X/2 (5 statement) and from this Rahul will have X(1st statement) . So Rohit and Rahul have same number of stamps.

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