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Subject :IEO    Class : Class 8

Ramesh Prasad was a poor merchant who found it difficult to provide himself and his family even two square meals each day. He was taken to the court by his neighbour who was very cunning and wanted to occupy his land. The fraud blamed Ramesh for illegally occupying the land where the poor man’s house stood. Ramesh had the papers of the land in order and could prove to the judiciary that the land was his own. Ramesh also knew that the Judge was corrupt and could be bribed.
Therefore, on his way to the court he decided to take a gift for the judge. At the hearing, the accuser stated his case and then deliberately threw a thick wad of notes on the floor, pretending it was an accident. The judge followed the clue. He looked at Ramesh enquiringly if he could match the offer. In response Ramesh, patted his own pocket. The judge was pleased to see that it was stuffed and he could make out the outlines of large objects in it and was sure that they were gold ornaments. Dreaming of pleasing his wife, the judge gave the verdict in Ramesh's favour and summoned him to his chambers. Ramesh on entering the judge's chambers began to thank him for deciding the case in his favour. As he was in a hurry to reach home, the judge curtly cut him short and asked Ramesh to hand over whatever gift he had brought. On hearing that, Ramesh took out huge stones from his pocket and gave them to the judge.
Who decided to take a gift for the judge?

ARamesh Prasad
BThe neighbour
CBoth 'A' and 'B'
DOnly 'B'

well...isn't it supposed to be A?

Ans 1:

Class : Class 8
It is both A and B as the neighbour also threw a wad of notes on the ground

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