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Subject :IEO    Class : Class 5

Read the following telephonic conversation and answer the question that follow :
Nishu : Hello!
Ashu : Hello! Can I speak to Ravi?
Nishu : I am his sister Nishu this side. Ravi is out at the moment.
Ashu : I am Ashu, Ravi's friend. Will you please convey my message to Ravi?
Nishu : Yes, of course. I will gladly do that.
Ashu : Tell him that Mr. Spencer, our sports teacher is taking us out for a picnic tomorrow. So, we have to go to school without bag. But, do not forget to bring lunch box and a water bottle.
Nishu : Oh! That's great! I will definitely inform him about this picnic.
What is the message left by Ashu?

A Nishu’s teacher is taking them to picnic.
B Their sports teacher is taking them out for a picnic.
C Ravi has to take lunch box and water bottle but not the school bag.
D Both B and C.

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Class : Class 5

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