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Subject :IEO    Class : Class 8

Read the following passages and answer the questions that follow :
The moon’s role in causing tides is much more high and important than that of the sun. The reason is that the moon enjoys more proximity to the earth than the sun as such its force of attraction is stronger than that of the sun in attracting the surface water. Tides are of immense importance. In trade, navigation and fishing, tides are very useful. During the high tide, the water depth near the coast goes up and helps big ships to reach the ports. Kandla port in Gujarat and Diamond Harbour in West Bengal owe their very existence to the tides only. The significance of both London and Kolkata also depends on the tides. Tides also keep the harbours clear of refuse and mud brought down by rivers and thus they do not allow the harbours to be silted. Commonly, the tidal rivers are navigable. For the purpose of generating electricity,
tidal waves are harnessed. Tides do not allow the sea water to be frozen by keeping the sea water in motion. Tides are also made use by the fishermen for sailing into the sea and returning to the harbour. In the countries like Canada, U.K., France and Japan, tidal power stations are set up.
Why does the moon play a greater role than the sun in causing tides?

A The moon is closer to the earth as compared to the sun.
B The moon has greater gravitational pull.
C The moon shines in night.
D None of the above.


Ans 1:

Class : Class 8
Option A is correct as Moon is near to us than the sun and it does not have greater gravitational pull than the sun as gravity depends on the mass of the object and sun has more mass than the moon. So option B is wrong.

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