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Subject :NSO    Class : Class 7

Read the given passage carefully and answer the question

The phenomenon in which a bird or other animal moves from one place to another in one season, and returns again in a different season is called migration. It is an adaptation to escape the harsh conditions of their normal habitat so as to survive.

The __(i)__ flies from its native place in Russia to places like __(ii)__ in Rajasthan and __(iii)__ in Haryana during a particular season.

It stays in India for a few months and then goes back in __(iv)__ season. The general name given to birds like these is __(v)__ birds. Select the correct sequence of words to fill up the blanks in the above passage.

Which of the following is the probable method these migratory birds use to travel to the same place year after year?

(i) (ii) (iii) (iv) (v)
A Toucan Sultanpur Bharatpur Autumn Adaptatory
B Siberian
Bharatpur Sultanpur Winter Migratory
C Arctic
Bharatpur Sultanpur Spring Migratory
D Siberian
Sultanpur Bharatpur Summer Adaptatory

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Class : Class 7
The answer is C!!!

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Class : Class 7
The answer is C!!!

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