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Subject :IEO    Class : Class 4

The going was not easy for Taro. Orphaned at a young age, he travelled from village to village, doing odd jobs for a living.
One hot afternoon, he came to a riverbank and sat down under a shady tree. As he looked around, he saw a monk sitting in deep meditation. A serene smile rested on the lips of the wizened and wrinkled face. He seemed unperturbed by the heat or the flies buzzing around him. Taro gazed in awe as he thought, "That monk is so much at peace. He has no worries. I want to be like that."
When the monk opened his eyes, his amused glance fell upon the curious young man. Taro folded his hands in greeting and said, "Revered teacher, I want to become a monk. Please accept me as your disciple."
The monk simply asked, "Why?" Taro replied, "Because I want to find God." In a flash, the monk leapt up from where he was sitting and grabbed Taro by the scruff of his neck. He dragged the youth to the river and plunged his head into the water, holding it there. Taro flailed his arms and legs to no avail. The monk was surprisingly strong.
After a minute, the monk released him. Taro's body contorted with pain as he coughed up water and desperately gasped for air. After he quietened down, the monk asked, "Tell me, what did you want most of all when you were under water?"
Taro answered, "Air!" "Very well," said the monk, "When you want God as much as you wanted air, come to me then."

Which word in the passage means the opposite of 'disturbed/distracted'?

A Orphaned
B Unperturbed
C Flailed
D Plunged

Ans 1: (Master Answer)

Class : Class 1
The correct answer is B.

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