Test Instruction

A. This test is based on MCQ pattern There are 4 options out of which only one is correct.

B. Your test duration begins as soon as you view the first question.

C.  Once you end the test or the test duration gets completed, you will not be able to edit any of the answers.

D. Click on 'SUBMIT' to answer the question. When you click on 'Next' or 'Previous' the answers will not be saved.

E. Click on 'Next' or 'Previous' to move from one question to another.

F.  Click on the 'Green Flag' to mark a question as Important.Click on Notes in right hand top corner to take notes. These can be reviewed later after the test in My Notes section.

G. Click on 'End Test' once you have completed a test. You will not be able to edit or review any of the questions once you have ended a test, so please make sure to review all the questions before ending it.

H. Once you complete a test, the results will be available immediately .Your result will be available to you later under the 'Reports and Analysis' section.

I. Remember, there is no negative marking. The objective is to reinforce your learning and not to penalize you for your mistakes.

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