IMO Mock Test | IMO Mock Test For Class 1 to 12

IMO Mock Test

Give final touches to your exam preparation by attempting our best-in-class IMO Mock Tests. Subject experts have created these sets after studying the pattern, of all previous IMO papers, with an effort to give you closest test to the real exam with all new questions.

Practice makes a man perfect. Doing maths over and over again is the only way to perfect it. Practice new questions with our IMO Mock Test.

Benefits of IMO Mock Test

Here are some reasons why mock tests are effective and important for your children

  1. Mock tests are based on the exact Olympiads pattern.
  2. It benchmarks the child's preparation against last year cut-off's.
  3. These tests improve your child's chance to enter 2nd level Olympiads.
  4. It also helps children decide which topics to concentrate on in order to score higher.
  5. It teaches children time management that helps them attempt the test in a better managed way.
  6. These tests help the children overcome anxiety, and they can attempt the real exam in calm way for good marks.
  7. Mock tests are a great way to increase your child's confidence level.
  8. These tests reduce the amount of careless mistakes during the actual test.
  9. Mock test help you to get detailed analysis of your child's preparation.
  10. The content and preparation for Olympiads emphasizes on application oriented learning.

So help your children realize their true potential by preparing and practicing with SOF Olympiad Trainer.

SOF Olympiad Trainer provides IMO Mock Test with Answers for the following

  • IMO Mock Tests Class 1
  • IMO Mock Tests Class 2
  • IMO Mock Tests Class 3
  • IMO Mock Tests Class 4
  • IMO Mock Tests Class 5
  • IMO Mock Tests Class 6
  • IMO Mock Tests Class 7
  • IMO Mock Tests Class 8

  • IMO Mock Tests Level 2 for Classes 1-8

The students can also download the OMR sheet from our portal to practice filling the OMR sheet . This is specially important for our tiny tots (class 1 and 2 students).

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